Yahoo Boy Set to Take Over Ondo West 1 Political Seat – Never It Cannot Happen

Yahoo Boy Set to Take Over Ondo West 1 Political Seat – Never It Cannot Happen

Ondo state is one of the noteworthy states in the South West region of the country, in terms of strong and eminent politicians with impeccable characters of a great political antecedent, which has projected the state among high-ranking states in Nigeria known for serious-minded people when it comes to political participation in good alliance with people of incredible personality in the society.

Ondo state is having 18 local government areas, which Ondo west is among the top 3 LGAs in terms of heavyweight political personalities, who have an outstanding political history and have represented the state in the committee of state. Within the Ondo west local government political structure, we have Ondo west constituencies 1 and 2, representing the local government in the state house of assembly; that is how politically powerful Ondo west local government is in the state.

Since 1999, I have been following Ondo politics, particularly the seat of Ondo west constituency 1 in the state house of assembly and the candidates who have once occupied the seat. Since the return of the Fourth Republic in 1999, Ondo west constituency 1 has never paraded a candidate who came unprepared, and kept a company of gangstas that doesn’t even understand the key roles of a Ward Councillor not to talk of a state legislator; and this has been making Ondo west constituency 1 a leading political seat in the state house of assembly.

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After the conduct of parties primaries last year in Ondo west constituency 1, to present who will represent their parties in the State House in the 10th assembly, I narrowed down the candidates that will be at the centre stage of the battle to three (APC, PDP and SDP), going by the public opinion polls conducted. As we are all aware that the beauty of a democratic contest is to have two or three candidates vying for one seat, and that is what the three political parties have done in presenting OMO of APC, Tomide of PDP and as well the incumbent, and AZ of the SDP.

Since the beginning of the electioneering campaigns of the three candidates, I have taken ample time to study them, their backgrounds, manifestos, political allies and seriousness in this contest and I concluded that the candidate of the SDP, Ademoloye Azeez (AZ), does not have the political pedigree and moral justification to occupy such office with high magnitude of respect and a deep sense of decorum in the society.

Nobody should get my assertions wrong, AZ would have been seen to be fit morally for this post, but his subordinate (friends) who are well known for people with esoteric characters can drag the image of Ondo west 1 politics in the mud, with the SDP candidate who has never denied his strong alliance with them in the public space. “He who comes to equity must come with clean hands”.

The set of people the SDP candidate is parading as friends does not have any business in politics and it a common sense that if Ondo west 1 should entrust their votes in the hands of AZ, the mandate will be wasted on frivolity and extravagant that will not be able to be accounted for at the end; and it is advisable for the good people of Ondo west constituency 1 to jettison the SDP candidate and his unrealistic plans through the ballots this weekend at the polls. It has been proven that for all intents and purposes. It is incontrovertible that AZ does not portray a candidate that can represent the politics of decency, good image and acceptable association that the constituency has been enjoying since.

In few days before the March 18 election in Ondo, two candidates of APC and PDP can be authoritatively said that is in the race, but judging by all indexes, the candidate of the APC, Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju(OMO) is the most preferred and acceptable candidate to occupy the seat in the state house of assembly. The PDP candidate who is also the incumbent would have been the best, but his poor legislative performance in office since 2019 has shown that he has lost the grassroots touch with his people, and the best thing to do is to use ballots to reject him.

Ondo town in Ondo west constituency 1 is where I was born, had my elementary school before leaving for Lagos as a result of my high institution and workplace.

Ekimoguns, I urge you all to widely reject the candidates of the PDP and SDP at the polls this weekend and build the future of the constituency in the hands of Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju(OMO).

Ondo ekimogun tu wa dede!!!

Comrade Felix Oladokun Sileola
Concerned Ekimogun Citizen
March 16, 2023


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